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The VUCAM XO is a budget priced high performance portable video Borescope

VUCAM® XO – Setting new expectations for budget priced portable video Borescopes

Advanced technologies and experience based know-how have contributed to the development of the VUCAM XO. This is an easy-to-use Borescope with a full set of practical features. Use of the VUCAM XO centers around a cutting-edge graphical user interface (GUI) displayed on large bright touch screen.

Industrial video borescope VUCAM XO for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Applications for the VUCAM XO exist throughout industry. The VUCAM XO is routinely used to inspect

  • Aircraft engines and auxiliary power units
  • Gas and steam turbines
  • Castings
  • Tubes and pipes
  • Gear boxes
  • Pumps
  • Tanks and vessels

These are just some of the applications where VUCAM XO can be productively deployed, there are many more and new applications are being identified all the time.

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VUCAM® XO – Easy-to-use, portable and robust

With the VUCAM XO a budget price doesn’t mean making a quality compromise. Users will recognize the VUCAM XO as a well-constructed and robust piece of industrial equipment. The image is bright and sharp and the backbone technology makes operation intuitive and reliable. Clear touchscreen navigation eliminates menu congestion and impractical controls. Articulation of the Borescope bending section is controlled and exact. Articulation steering is readily learned and understood with minimal training and without time consuming familiarization. viZaar has been manufacturing Borescopes for years. The manufacturing art and expertise that we have acquired has been applied to the VUCAM XO to produce a light-weight Borescope that is sturdy and reliable.

Video borescope VUCAM XO: Touch screen and modern GUI

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

From tablets and smart phones to industrial test and measurement equipment our satisfaction with the performance of these devices is often determined by the GUI. The VUCAM XO interface has been specifically designed for a portable Borescope. The overall interface configuration has evolved from the highly acclaimed viZaar VUMAN GUI which is found in multiple successful RVI products.
Video borescope VUCAM XO: Robust video borescope probe for Remote Visual Inspection (VT)

Hand-piece Design

The novel VUCAM XO hand-piece design increases usability. The VUCAM XO can be hand-held (the primary operating mode), used on a flat surface or hooked to a vertical structure like a ladder. The light-weight and durable carbon fiber and aluminum construction make the VUCAM XO ideal for long inspection tasks in demanding industrial work environments.
Video borescope VUCAM XO with backbuffer video recording for industrial Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Backbuffer Video Capture

During a visual inspection it is common for a Borescope user to identify a subject of interest and then repeat the inspection to make a video recording. This can be time consuming if many video recordings are necessary and frustrating if a subject of interest is difficult to reach. The VUCAM XO Backbuffer video recording feature can save repeat inspections. The VUCAM XO temporarily stores 15 seconds of video data in a buffer. When the Backbuffer video capture feature is activated this 15 seconds of video data becomes the start a video recording.

Video borescope VUCAM XO: Technical data / datasheet

Detailed Product Data

Video borescope technical data, specifications and video borescope accessories.