Video borescope INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y: INVIZ video borescope probes

The INVIZ video borescope probes from 6 mm and 8 mm to 12,7 mm

Video borescope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y video borescope probe concept

The video borescope confirms the reputation of viZaar® technology. "Made in Germany", these sophisticated, interchangeable video borescope probes will prove to be an excellent investment - providing a flexible solution to today’s and tomorrow’s inspection challenges.

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In their standard configuration, INVIZ® video borescope probes in all diameters are available up to 100 ft. offering maximum independence and flexibility to the user.
Their functional design is based on the feedback of our customers, the extensive experience of our own Industrial Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Service & our Video Borescope Repair Service, covering both our own products and those of other manufacturers.

The INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y video borescope probes 0.23" / 0.31" / 0.5"
The INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y video borescope probes 0.23" / 0.31" / 0.5"
  • A polyurethane stainless steel retained composite construction, they provide excellent torsion and sliding characteristics, whilst still maximizing flexibility and bending cycles over 100 times greater than tungsten designs.

  • With their tried and tested push and centering devices, the video borescope probes can be manoeuvred precisely into the required position, with minimum wear and tear.

  • By comparison, on many inspections, outdated video borescopes with their limited fix-focus technology require tip adaptors which are time consuming to change, costly and difficult to use. For INVIZ® users, patented Remote Focus technology means such difficulties are a thing of the past.

Video endoscope INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y [x-way] 8 RF, no spot unreached
  • A full spectrum of inspection scenarios, from close up in low light to far focus in large, dark cavities, can be successfully completed in one go with the video borescope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y RF.

  • The proven 12.7 mm INVIZ® Revolver video borescope is the most efficient and effective tool available for extensive tube inspections & weld inspections. Rotating, fully adjustable and able to rotate through 360° clockwise or anticlockwise, this small motorised video borescope camera head offers thorough and effortless continuous Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) of tube walls, welds & orbital welds.

  • Use just as much video borescope probe length as required – any surplus video borescope probe can be safely and securely stored in the reel eliminating both damage and the risk of creating a tripping hazard. Efficient probe articulation is guaranteed, even with the majority of the video borescope probe stored in the reel.

  • Unbreakable fibre optic light gives 20% more light efficiency meaning the video borescope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y 8/15 RF is one of the most light-intense long range video borescopes on the market.

  • Standard INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y RF video borescope probes without [x-way] are designed for heavy duty pipe inspections over long periods. When used in combination with its dedicated centering devices, these video borescope probes with their spring loaded tip firmly connected to the insertion tube are an economically unbeatable Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) system. Operating swiftly and around several tube bends, there is no better or more robust solution for your pipe inspection needs.