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The world's first dual video borescope INVIZ® UVin with UV & white LED illumination for penetrant testing / magnetic particle inspection

The video borescope INVIZ® UVin provides an UV mode with precise 365 nm light and enables unreached inspection results in flaw detection in turbines, combustion chambers, cylinders and the search and detection of contamination and coating.

Video borescope INVIZ UVin with UV and LED illumination for penetrant testing

Remote Visual Inspection:

  • Remote Visual Inspection in turbines / generators
  • Remote Visual Inspection in refineries
  • Remote Visual Inspection in tanks / vessels
  • Remote Visual Inspection in nuclear industry
  • Remote Visual Inspection in pharmaceutical industry / food industry
  • Remote Visual Inspection in power generation
  • Remote Visual Inspection in buildings / constructions

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UV dual video endoscope INVIZ UVin: Flaw detection in a turbine component

Employing the latest LED illumination technology, known draw backs from quartz or liquid UV light guides are history with INVIZ® UVin video borescope. In UV mode, the probe will emit exactly 365nm light enabling penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspections in a quality and of areas that weren’t possible before!

Adding white light on a freely choosen level will allow easy access and full orientation inside the application. Failures are easy to identify. The viewing contrast can’t be higher.

The worlds first real UV dual video borescope is available in two diameters and two standard length: 4 meter desktop and 8 or 15 meter reel design. With as little as 12 millimeter the UVin 12.7 video probe will allow to inspect even through the smallest entrance. The quad beam of the UVin 43 video borescope will give a full overview even in huge cavities such as large engine cylinders and the like.

UV-LED Daylight Dual Video Endoscope INVIZ UVin: Application examples

Application examples

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UV-LED Video Endoscope INVIZ UVin: Technical data

Technical data

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