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Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® Pipe

The Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® Pipe for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of tubes & welds with inner wall diameter from 1.77" to 31.5".

INVIZ Pipe Inspection Camera for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in vessels / tanks and for tube & weld inspections

Remote Visual Inspection:

  • Remote Visual Inspection in refineries
  • Remote Visual Inspection in tanks / vessels
  • Remote Visual Inspection in nuclear industry
  • Remote Visual Inspection in pharmaceutical industry
  • Remote Visual Inspection in power generation
  • Remote Visual Inspection in buildings / constructions

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The Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ Pipe designed to eliminate ongoing problems through small openings in the inspection of large volumes. No question that the current state of the art auto focus and LED illumination are the integral components of the system. Thanks to the recent Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) cameras that they could be dispensed the inspection of containers and from now on there will be only a minimal opening needed. The 110° wide-angle lens gives you an immediat overview any lengthy system configurations.

Technical data pipe inspection camera INVIZ Pipe

0.2 lux extreme luminous sensitivity (colors)
0.0002 lux hyper luminous sensitivity (b/w)
Auto white balance for min. color contamination
Wear-free super bright LED illumination
110° wide angle
Probe/Cable length up to 656 ft.
Waterproof up to 100 ft.
Operating fault tolerant system
Compact housing
Variety of executions, customizable

Operating Conditions

-10°C to +50°C
12V DC / 96 - 246V AC
Power condition of equipment (5W - 30W)


Protective cover
Centering slide
Transport case
Fiber glass reel / connecting rods
Lead-gel rechargeable battery
Video peripheral devices

Fields of Application

Pipe inspections from 1.77" to 31.5"
Container inspection up to 7 m3 through 1.5" opening
General testing of large volums through small openings
Chemical reactors (incl. enamel tank), watergate lines, building engineering services
Network independent inspection work

All specifications are subject to change without notice due to technical progress.

  • Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ Pipe: Drum
  • Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ Pipe: Probe
  • Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ Pipe: Customized tilt version