Video borescope INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y: INVIZ interchangeable video probe concept

The INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y video borescope with interchangeable video borescope probes

The INVIZ® video borescope interchangeable video probe concept, "Made in Germany"

The video borescope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y features a patented reel system; only the exact video borescope probe length required needs to be pulled off the reel to maintain a clear working environment and avoid tripping hazard. Even with longer video borescope INVIZ® video probes, full operational capability and probe control is guaranteed.

Best probe articulation and inspection results by pneumatic control with the major part of your video probe stored on the reel. [x-way only].

Optional high capacity rechargeable video borescope NiMh battery provides full mobility and retains capacity and performance even under the harshest conditions.

100% customer commitment: Our Hot Shop Service meets the demands of all our customers even those in the most demanding industries, also offering our video borescope / videoscope repair service for the nuclear industry. We are ISO 9001, KTA 1401 compliant and are always constantly improving our products & service.

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