Your career with viZaar NA

Your career with viZaar

At this point we want to use our website and introduce viZaar AG with a completely different perspective: To maintain our high quality level, to achieve tha constant growth, to secure the economic viability and in particular further expansion of our worldwide customer adoption, we are constantly looking for new colleagues. In past times, we have significantly moved forward in all business areas and it should remain so!

Our outward success concept: A logical diversity of services and products relating to inspection camera technology is solely carried through the deployment of highly motivated employees. Often in contrast asserted technologies such as chemistry, nuclear engineering, environmental protection, military technology or medical technology merge at the focus of our various tasks and urge us day-to-day to the newest. 

viZaar has appointed many new employees every year since its establishment in 1997. Today we are a healthy team with energetic and experienced professionals waiting with curiosity to your application. An unusual free working environment will give free rein to your commitment to fullfil the tasks of our customers with full concentration.

All the below mentioned positions should be filled within a reasonable time but we want to fill the right position with the best qualified person. This is an important process with long-term consequences for our company and our customers. Beside sometimes insignificant certificates, references documents we attach the greatest importance to you as a person, to your goals and to your past. Tell us about you: You can send your complete written application and supporting documentats in advance by email.